Yoga for Teens


This is a Yoga class designed especially for Teenagers. It will be in a space where they can safely relax and explore and learn more about this ancient art in the company of people their own age. It is designed to be fun, relaxing and physical and can help young people to get in touch with their bodies and understand how to manage and relax their inner thoughts.

Yoga can help develop life long preventative strategies for coping with challenges and helping to develop a strong sense of true self and power. It is a great opportunity to expand their awareness and their skills at managing stress and resilience.

The class will begin by tuning in as a group and then focusing on specialised breathing exercises and physical warm ups before beginning the kriya for that week. A kriya is a set of postures, meditation, mantra and breath-work that is designed to work on a particular aspect of the self.

Clinical studies have shown that yoga improves academic performance and emotional balance as well as helping to foster motivation. Yoga helps to shift self-awareness to internal cues and emotions, allowing for greater self-regulation.


Deeper Purpose of Teen's Yoga


A young person is naturally radiant, aware and full of wisdom. The deeper purpose of teaching young people yoga is to help them maintain their natural wisdom and radiance, or if their light has been dulled by events in their lives, to help them regain their inherent state of being. 


Class Timetable


Classes are offered at Sat Nam Institute in Mullumbimby every Tuesday during school terms:


4:15pm for young people aged 11 and up


To book your child's place, please click here


If you are interested in arranging a private children's yoga class for a special event, please contact Fiona on 0422 901 830 for more information.


"Children are

super-sensitive, fully-fledged people, with high potency antennae which record every vibration within their vicinity, completely and very deeply."

- Yogi Bhajan