Sacred Circles

Why is the Sacred Circle held on the New Moon?


Sacred Circles are held on the new moon between lunar cycles, as this is the optimal time to focus on endings and beginnings.  In the sharing circle, we reflect on what we have learned in the previous month, and attune to how we can make the most of the coming month.  The new moon is also the time when our sixth sense is at its strongest, and when this coincides with a woman's moon time, she is even more sensitive to recieving insight and perceptions through honouring her inner gifts. 


What does the circle involve?


This is a safe space where we can assist each other with emotional and psychologicial healing and support. A space to feel heard and accepted, to truly see and be seen. We will bring in movement and dance, mantra and chanting, Kundalini yoga meditation, and each month focus on a theme that matches the celestial or seasonal times. You can come as you are, and wear what you want. You will be truly seen, supported and heard by other people, so that we can move forward in our lives feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to manifest our conscious creations.





"Salutations on the New Moon..... Much Peace, through connectedness to the Generosity of Spirit Thanks to Creator Fiona of the Sacred Woman's Circle last night. This was an auspicious meeting with the heart of Woman and tenderly and delightfully held space by the Goddess abiding in Fi. What a Relief to be in the Presence of the Gentle Feminine. It was a nourishing evening of Song, Mantra and Sharing with a palpable infusion from Spirit. It turned my frown upside down. Thank You Fiona and the gracious women who attended for such a lovely evening."  

Kimberley B.


"I very much enjoyed the New Moon Kundalini meditation experience facilitated by Fiona this evening. Being new to Kundalini Yoga meditation, I enjoyed the sacred space Fiona created, the mantras and meditation, variety and depth and intention of the experience. Thank you so much. I hope to attend every new moon!

Paulette B.N.




Guidelines of the Sacred Circle


In order to create a safe, sacred space, all people attending must agree to abide by the following guidelines:


1. Confidentiality - anything that is talked about by another person inside the circle must not be brought up outside the circle


2. The space must be free from judgement, criticism, or reactions. We simply hold each other in the space. 


3. The person holding the talking stick must not be interupted, with all other people sitting in acceptance of the other. We are not here to fix each other, only to assist ourselves in our awakening. 


4. When someone else is talking, truly listen and focus on what they have to say. Give permission for others to feel able to talk openly about what they need to. If you don't want to talk, that's ok too. There is a divinity lounge to relax on if you need time out.


5. Use "I" statements only, as this helps us to take responsibility for our own issues. 


6. If and when you need help, ask (to be held). It's ok to cry.


7. Please remember that the circle is not group therapy, or a session to complain about others. It is truly about celebrating being alive and calling in the divine energy of the universe so that we can feel supported and reach our full potential.



Please confirm your attendance by using the             page or making an online booking via the                              page.




Event Dates

Brunswick Heads - Every New Moon




Saturday 7 May - 10am to 12noon


Sunday 5 June - 2pm to 4pm


Tuesday 5 July - 6pm to 7:30pm


Wednesday 3 August - 7pm to 8:30pm


Thursday 1 September - 6pm to 7:30pm


Saturday 1 October - 10am to 12noon


Monday 31 October - 7pm to 8:30pm


Tuesday 29 November - 6pm to 7:30pm




Suggested Contribution:  $15 adult/$10 young person aged 13 to 17 years